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PICV, Assembly Kit, and HVAC Valves

Born in 1938, Fratelli Pettinaroli has always been synonymous of quality, reliability, and innovation in the field of production od components for engineering plant applications. Ensuring product quality and compliance with international standards have been an endorsed corporate prerogative for years: therefore, the Fratelli Pettinaroli quality system has been certified by the British Standard Institute since 1975 and approved (and constantly updated) according to ISO 9001. The company also holds ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications, renewing its commitment to produce while protecting the environment and the surrounding area, with which the link has always been deeply rooted. The products are approved by 16 authoritative institutions, thanks to the high-quality standards, strict tests and production monitoring carried out and the highest quality of the raw materials used. Fratelli Pettinaroli is also the first company to have obtained the prestigious OQC registration from NSF, a certification that testifies to the true origin of all components of its products, to further guarantee and support the company proud claim that production is entirely 100% Made in Italy.

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